Lim Wei Hao surprised by his UOL First Class Honours result


Darren Lim Wei Hao was surprised to learn he had obtained First Class Honours in his University of London result (Accounting and Finance pathway).

Ambitious Darren had aimed for a First from Year 1 of the course. His Year 1 results pointed to him achieving that goal when he scored 3 As and 1 B.

But subsequently a number of factors dented his confidence and caused him to have doubts – he failed Corporate Finance in Year 2, although he obtained 2 As and 1 B in the other papers.

In Year 3, Darren had to take an additional paper Financial Management to make up for his failed paper Corporate Finance in Year 2. He scored a B in that paper and in the other 4 papers, he obtained A, B, B and D grades. He thought he had to get 2 As to qualify for a First, but apparently UOL considered his cumulative grades good enough to award him First Class Honours. This was a complete surprise for Darren.

Congratulations, Darren for having faith in yourself and striving for the best!