HELP University leads with an edge in education

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As the quality of education in Malaysia continues to evolve and advance, the quality of teachers must also grow and develop alongside it. Gone were the days when a general undergraduate degree was sufficient for an educator, especially for those working in the private sector. Teachers must constantly seek to raise their pedagogical competencies and upgrade themselves on the latest developments in the ever-evolving education industry, allowing them to better educate and nurture the children and future of the nation.

To this effect and in response to the Malaysian government’s initiative to enhance the quality of the teachers of the nation, HELP University’s Faculty of Education and Languages introduces the Master of Education (Teaching and Learning) (MEDU(TL)). The aim of the programme is to provide hands-on training and a solid academic research experience for teachers in varied educational settings. The programme also aims to enhance their teaching skills and professional competence, knowledge and career prospects.

“The success of any educational institution is dependent on the quality of its teachers and leadership in the school. As such, it is imperative that those planning to enter into a career in education are adequately prepared to deal with all the challenges of working as a teacher in the 21st century classroom, especially in understanding how to develop curricula that is relevant for their learners, be proficient in the use of technology in the classroom and know how to cater to the needs of the different kinds of learners in an inclusive learning environment,” said Dr Gerard J. Louis, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Languages.

Research is a core element and strength of this programme as it is structured to empower teachers to carry out educational research and action research in varied educational settings. The programme also supports peer learning by encouraging its students to work with other professional teachers from across the country, thus facilitating an environment where students can learn from each other’s experiences.

The programme comprises 10 modules, which can be completed in one and a half years full-time or three years part-time. There are seven core modules, two electives and a practicum and research enquiry exercise. Classes are conducted during the weekends and weeknights to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

The Faculty of Education and Languages is supported by a team of experienced and dedicated lecturers with proven academic records and a strong background in pedagogy. The teaching team of MEDU (TL) comprises professors with international experience and varied expertise within the education community, and visiting professors from local and foreign universities.

“The integration of research enquiry with practice is a key feature of this programme. The MEDU (TL) graduate is a teacher of high caliber who is capable of continuous professional improvement and carrying out effective teaching. These are two essential qualities much sought after by school heads today,” said Professor Dr Goh Lay Huah, Head of Department of Education and an expert in educational research, especially action research.

“The Master of Education (Teaching and Learning) at HELP will not only enhance my pedagogical skills and teaching competencies, it will also raise my professional credentials. The reputation and prominence of HELP ensures that my postgraduate qualification is recognised and well-received by the educational community,” said Vicky Heng, a Mandarin teacher at HELP International School who is currently pursuing her MEDU (TL) at HELP University.

“I chose to further my education at HELP because of the strong team of dedicated experts in the Faculty of Education and Languages, and for the holistic and comprehensive curricula they provide,” she added.

In conjunction with the latest intake, HELP University will be offering a special launch scholarship in which students who join the February intake can enjoy up to a 50% bursary on their course tuition fees. The upcoming intake will commence on 22 February 2018. Other bursaries and merit scholarships are also available to deserving students.

For more information on HELP’s Master of Education (Teaching and Learning) and education programmes, please call 03-2716 2000 or email Dr Goh Lay Huah (Head of Department of Education) at or Ms Azlina (Administrative Coordinator) at

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