Medals and Certificates Giving Ceremony for 2018 Fermat Contest

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The Fermat Contest is a Mathematics contest organized by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing from the University of Waterloo. The contest is an opportunity for students to develop their mathematical problem-solving abilities. This year, over 1,400 schools across the globe took part in the 2018 Fermat Contest. Out of these schools, 262 are international schools outside Canada.

The selection of Year 11 students was done through the Fermat Mathematics Qualifying Workshop at HELP University on 10 February 2018. Eight groups participated in the workshop which lasted for four sessions and was conducted by HELP’s ADP lecturers. At the end of the workshop, all of the students sat for the Fermat Qualifying Test.

Cash prizes were later awarded to seven winners based on their individual test scores. The grand prize, the Challenge Trophy, was awarded to Chong Hwa Independent High School, who had the highest accumulated test scores.

Students who managed to rank in the top 25 were chosen to sit for the Fermat Contest on 28 February 2018, which was organised by the University of Waterloo. Out of 17,592 students who sat for the 2018 Fermat Contest worldwide, our three Malaysian students from Chong Hwa Independent High School were among the top 50 achievers worldwide. Had the three achievers took part in the team event, they would also have ranked number one in the international category and shared the third ranking with two other schools in the overall regional and international category.

HELP University and the University of Waterloo honored the students’ achievements by awarding them with certificates and medals. The Certificate of Distinction was presented to students ranking in the top 25 percent of all contestants in the Fermat contest with a mark of at least 101.

    The students who received the Certificate of Distinction were:

  • Chillion Chai Ziqing – Chong Hwa Independent High School
  • Desmond Giam – Chong Hwa Independent High School
  • Lim Kai Zhe – Chong Hwa Independent High School
  • Ooi Zhe Ren – Chong Hwa Independent High School
  • Sew Qian Hong – Chong Hwa Independent High School
  • Chow Yong Lam – Kuen Cheng High School
  • Tang Khang Yeu – Kuen Cheng High School
  • Tye Wei Shun – Kuen Cheng High School
  • Chia Kwang Jerh – Kuen Cheng High School
  • Mikhael Naim Leong – HELP International School
  • Bryant Ng – HELP International School
  • Teh Nian Yii – HELP International School
  • Hooi Lit Yoong – HELP International School


(Left to right) Sew Qian Hong, Desmond Giam and Ooi Zhe Ren received medals for achieving a mark of at least 87 in the 2018 Fermat Contest and were placed in the top 50 worldwide.


Students from Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuen Cheng High School and HELP International School (not present) were presented with the Certificate of Distinction for ranking in the top 25% of all contestants in the Fermat contest with a mark of at least 101.

The proud recipients and teachers from Chong Hwa Independent High School and Kuen Cheng High School pictured with the ADP staff and faculty with Dr Khong Kim Hoong, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) of HELP University.

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