The University of London (UOL) Programme: Getting Ahead with an Icon

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The University of London students are a diverse and dedicated group of students who not only excel in their studies but also organize inspiring and thought-provoking talks on current topics such as climate change and multiculturalism. The idea is to expose students to a range of issues and debates.

Students who enroll for the University of London (UOL) programmes can expect to be part of a world-renowned institution which has become iconic. Offering courses globally for over a hundred years, today over 50,000 students are part of its global fraternity in as many as 170 countries. HELP Academy is one pioneering centre and has been offering these programmes since 1986.

HELP Academy, under the HELP University Group, offers courses in the social sciences, namely economics, management, accounting, finance and banking. It is worth noting that the academic direction is provided by one of the top academic institutions in the world, The London School of Economics (LSE). Since three years ago, the Academy has added the UOL Foundation course to its portfolio.

The degree courses can all be completed in Kuala Lumpur over a period of three years. Students also have the choice of transferring to other universities in the UK in their second year. The duration of the Foundation programme is 43 weeks and students read for 4 subjects.

The degree courses and the Foundation have many unique features; one, the academic content is developed by academics at the University of London (UK). Secondly, the examinations are set and graded by the same institution. In this sense, there is quality assurance. Lastly, the courses are entirely examinations based and these are conducted once a year, usually in May. The Foundation course subscribes to the same approach.

It needs emphasizing that the programmes have a supportive ecosystem; for example, study materials of the highest quality are provided. So is access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a learning portal. Students also can avail themselves to past examination papers plus examiners reports and direct access to the University of London’s online library. As part of their preparations to take their finals, HELP Academy conducts mock examinations.

Why should you choose the University of London degrees at HELP? HELP has more than 30 years’ experience conducting the UOL degrees with a proud track record of over 1,500 graduates. HELP is also the first and foremost provider of the UOL degrees in Malaysia and recognized by the UOL as a key player in the region. This is evident in the superlative results over the years including 1st Class honours recipients. These graduates have moved on to careers amongst the movers and shakers of the corporate world. They have also progressed to postgraduate degrees in iconic institutions such as Cambridge, Chicago, the LSE and Wharton School of Business. In other words, the graduates are globally mobile and in demand by industry players.

HELP Academy has a dedicated department for the UOL programmes. It is staffed with experienced academics and administrators who have made the institution one of the best in the world. The lecturers have been with the department for many years and understand how to deliver the courses to the highest standards. There is a supportive environment and open access to lecturers for guidance. Furthermore, as students will be able to complete their studies locally at HELP, the courses are a fraction of what they would cost in the UK.

Students can choose from a range of courses: Accounting & Finance, Economics & Management, Banking & Finance and Economics. These are BSc degrees and require both quantitative and qualitative abilities. The Foundation programme allows students to progress to the degree level or transfer to universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Students not only obtain a degree, they also get an education.

These UOL courses are at the cutting edge in knowledge and as such much sought after by employers. Furthermore, the UOL is known to be an iconic institution and this adds value to the degrees in a very competitive environment. As stated earlier, graduates are sought after by major players such as the large professional services firms, IBM, MIDF and investment banks both locally and overseas.

HELP Academy offers scholarships and financial assistance to students based on academic merit and achievements. The programme has intakes in March, May and September. For more details, please visit our website or call us at 03-2716200.

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